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Mar 9, 2015
Mar 9, 2015
Mar 9, 2015
Mar 9, 2015
Mar 9, 2015

Shenyang Map

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Shenyang lies in the middle of Liaoning Province, the south of Northeast China. It is the capital of Liaoning and the biggest city in the Northeast. Plain is the principal landform of Shenyang. Mountains and hills mainly distribute in the southeast of the city. The Liaohe, Hunhe, Xiushuihe and many other rivers wind through there.

The above Shenyang map shows the layout of the downtown Shenyang. The road names are written in Chinese pinyin. Lu means road; Jie is street. The four directions south, north, west and east are written as nan, bei, xi and dong in pinyin. You can find the Kunshan Donglu, which means East Kunshan Road.

In this map of Shenyang, tourist attractions are written in red. Among those, the Shenyang Imperial Palace, Zhaoling Tomb, Xinle Site Museum and Marshal Zhang"s Mansion are highly recommended. Railways run across Shenyang City. You can find several railway stations. Most of passenger transport service is provided by Shenyang Railway Station and Shenyang North Railway Station



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